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Luxolo Reserve is our premier tier of service available to our clients.  As a Private Client you will have direct access to a dedicated representative who will facilitate all technical aspects of purchasing, safeguarding and analyzing your assets to minimize risk and maximize returns. Each Private Client will receive a customized monthly report providing valuable insite respective to their individual portfolio. This service is designed to simplify investment strategies for portfolios valued in excess of $50,000.

Are digital assets right for your portfolio?

Digital assets has proved to be an excellent complement to a traditional investment portfolio. The digital market is continuing to evolve and grow with an increasing adoption rate. One reason people may choose to invest in digital assets is the potential for high returns. Digital assets have experienced  significant price increases in the past, and investors believe that they will continue to increase in value in the future.

When deciding whether digital assets are right for you will depend on your future goals and your risk tolerance. A typical digital asset investment can rang anywhere between 5% to 30% of your portfolio. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Join us in achieving your financial goals with our exceptional personal service.

Each Private Client will have a dedicated representative at your service to answer questions, offer market opinions, recommend strategies suitable for your goals.

 As part of our private client service each person will receive a tailored newsletter for your portfolio once a month. This will give you insight on what we see is going on with in the market.

At Luxolo we always advocate self-custody of your digital assets " Own Your Keys, Own Your Coins". We will guide you through the process of securely storing your private keys, granting you direct and sovereign control over your wealth.

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Ready to make waves?

Digital assets has already proven its resilience and potential to revolutionize the financial world. By investing in digital assets now you become part of a global movement that questions outdated systems and embraces the benefits of decentralization and financial freedom

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